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Professional Advisors

The exit planning process requires a team approach with a group of professional advisors:

A team includes your attorney, your CPA, your financial advisor, and an Exit Planning Advisor.

In working together as a team in the client’s best interests the individual advisers typically strengthen and expand the relationship, and deliver significant and life-changing results for their clients.

Exit planning is a detailed and personal process. There is no canned solution that is right for everyone. Helping a business owner exit a business must be handled in a methodical, logical, and rational manner in order to deliver results. Because exit planning involves so many moving pieces and many different parties are involved, successful exit planning must follow a proven process in order to ensure each engagement is handled in a successful manner and the client receives the best possible results.

Each professional adviser must understand their role and responsibility in the process, and understand the role of other team members.

Here is a brief outline of the roles and tasks for each:


The attorney will assist with business structure discussions, discuss options and alternatives regarding the different options and types of transactions, and outline the required steps to perform various types of transactions. They will advise the team and owner on preparing for due diligence, and confirm the business organizational documents are in order.


The business CPA will provide financial information and assist with planning. They may advise you regarding contract language and the tax implications of deal structures. If a transition to heirs, management team, or recapitalization is envisioned they will often assist with obtaining financing.

The personal CPA will work with the client, team, and financial advisor to prepare for the owner’s personal tax situation.

Financial Advisor

The financial advisor will prepare for the transition after exit, and provide the client with an understanding of the income expected based upon the deal structure, valuation, and payment terms. They will often work with the CPA to perform tax planning. They will provide investment options and alternatives to meet the goals of the client.

Exit Planning Advisor

The exit planning advisor will review the business for saleability, analyze the value drivers, assist in planning to increase the value of the business or improve saleability, assist in the recasting of financial statements, and provide valuation information based upon industry and geographic market conditions.

They will perform an analysis to identify possible marketing and sales strategies including potential economic or strategic buyers, and provide information regarding average process and timeline.

We have experience with many trusted professional advisors, and we are interested in meeting new partners that will add value for clients. We will often broker an introduction to a resource for our clients if requested.

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